Hey guys, i just sold off my amp and i'm looking to buy a practice amp to use in my bedroom. i'm torn between so many choices but i'm inclined towards a vox ad15 or 30vt just because it has a tube in its preamp. i'm also considering a vox pathfinder 15r. with my budget, it will definitely have to be a solid state amp.

Basically, i'm looking for a practice amp thats
1. good cleans,
2. pedal friendly,
3. within my budget. (300SGD which is 212USD)

i play mainly classic rock on a les paul.

Do you guys have any recommendations?
peavey transtube what ever series it is (bandit?) ...if you want something that is pedal friendly you don't really want a modeling amp.
why does it have to be solid state? i would make sure to check out the fender blues jr before you purchase anything. amazing cleans........
The Epiphone Valve Junior is one of the most pedal friendly amps around, and its all tube.

Combo: $149.00USD


Head + Cab: $249.00USD

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the blues jr is over my budget. i love fender amps actually, i just dont like the frontman series which are the only ones within my budget.
how about the pathfinder? if i buy that amp i will still have spare cash to spend on other stuff. dont ask me why i'm so inclined to vox. i love that british sound that bleeds through the ac30. pity i cant afford that.