I hardly post any completed work here and this is yet another unfinished piece. Its the Intro and opening guitar solo, Im not Jimmy Page on guitar very far from it so the solo isnt very crazy or even very good by a guitarist terms but it sounds good and I think it fits the music so Im keeping it, but suggestions are highly appreciated.

Just want to know what people think of the song the way it is right now, when it is through it will be a little boring guitar wise on the verse's seeing they will be just normal ol' chords but thats the way I want it.

The Midi sort of butchers the sound a bit with the bends trust me it sounds alot better on real guitar and with the RSE.

Edit: Oh, C4C of coarse I will fully crit any song you want if you do the same on this one.
Heartless Skys(original piece).zip
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