Well i just got through a 3 hour pup swap job on my 89 tracer custom. I havent used in it in months because i threw a dimarzio in the bridge, and messed up the wiring. It was making single coil tones, and when i hit the coil tap its sounded like a weak wah, therefore i got p.o. and havent played it. I was off work last night and decided to swap the bridge pup back to the dimebucker that was in it. It worked perfectly and coil taps again ! While i was at it I swapped the Quarter Pound Flat in the neck with a Jb Jr. and put the flat in the middle. It sounds great again! Im so happy to get my number one up and running again (if i had to use my rg one more day i would scream!)! I dont know if anyone cares about this but i am happier right now than ive been in months. Its like a new guitar day! Anyone else in here revitalize an old loved axe and felt inspired by it again?
not yet, but i've got to swap the pickups back out in my guitar. the ones i put in were bad enough to make me take the full plunge into bassistism. the problem is, i don't know what to put in. but i'm definitely leaning towards a dimebucker in the bridge.