It should be able to cope with all the genres you mentioned. Saying for the heavier stuff you stick to the bridge or use a LOT of gain for the single coils.

So definatly try one, they are a lot more versitile than most guitars.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
i might go to guitar center today.

Need 60 more dollers.

got $245, parents are giving me $100 for a guitar, so soon, most likely the end of the week.
yeah - go for the HSS to do all of that....humbucker is not the greatest tho. Play SSS too. Play some MIA's as well so you can have a reference point for later on if needed. And maybe some other guitars.

I love my MIM.

what amp do you have?

atomic tube amp

gonna get a mesa boogie soon maybe

Roadster or something like that.

Uncles sponsered by them so we get a discount.