made a new song. I added vocals to this one too. Im going to eventually record it and I cant scream so I made it all clean vocals, I dont think the vocals sound bad though, but I cant write lyrics. If anyone has an idea for the theme of the lyrics PLEASE tell me. I tried to make the drums complex, but I dunno if it came out like that. The song also has a little bit of mdm in the pre-chorus and chorus. It sounds much better than when I tried for mdm(dont here that song, its terrible, lol) Anyway, heres the song.
song 17.zip
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Reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold. In a good way.

I ****ing love that chorus though, and the breakdown. The picked guitar in the last chorus was wicked as well. No criticisms really.
oh yeah, C4C. But if u don't give me a link to a song or have them in your sig, I cant really do anything(I'm not going to go to your profile and see all your posts, lol).