I'm working with the left-handed warmup exercise #1 from Joe Petrucci's Rock Discipline e.g.:


I'm getting a lot of string noise when changing fingerings and I'm really not sure what to do. Specifically I guess my finger sort of does a pull-off or otherwise sticks to the string as I'm changing a position and I'm getting a lot of unwanted sounds!

Is it my technique? Is it my gear? Is it the speed at which I'm playing that makes it noticible?

If technique -- is it just a matter of dampening the strings when I release a position - allowing the string to raise off the fret cleanly (straight up) *and* holding the string so it no longer vibrates? <-- if so I think it's going to take me a ton of practice JUST doing this for a while.

(I'm not sure if any of this helps)

I've been playing very regularly for maybe about 2 years but until now I've been spending the majority of my time sliding power chords to stuff such as Metallica & Slayer. I can hold my own there but give me some simple chord stuff or clean sounds and I'm a beginner.

I'm playing on a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with EMG 81/85s ... for this I'm playing the top pickup through some clean effects on a ToneWorks AX1500G to headphones. I'm not sure if this even makes a difference to what I'm asking! Maybe my fingering should not produce any string noise regardless?

My fretting hand is in what I think is considered a classical position with the thumb sitting at the crest of the back of the neck and my fingers curled over the strings.
It's your technique, but that exercise is just to stretch your muscles. If you're really into sharpening your technique, then you can work on cutting down the string noise; but otherwise I wouldn't say that it matters.