14th song.

This one is a bit of an experiment with layering. Like my previous song (in my sig), this one has acoustics playing throughout, and piano as well. As a result, the song is layered as hell. Hopefully it came out alright, but you be the judge. I suggest listening to it more than once to get the full scope.

This song mainly draws influence from Agalloch, Ulver, Dissection and various classical artists.

Crit for crit, as usual. Enjoy.

The Dying Sigh of Summer.zip
Hey dude.

Cool progression at the beggining.

Everything sounded top notch at bar 9. I especially liked the bassline. I did not like the bells, however. They didn't add much to the song and I just hate the way they sound. I ended up muting them.

The piano was beautiful. So was the violin. The distortion guitar sounded really good too. All those parts went together really well, imo.

The more intense bit with the double bass and tremelo picking sounded really good too. So far, so good.

The thing at 45 was just insanely awesome dude. No lie, I LOVED it. I listened to it like 30 times lol.

Loved the chord progression at 33. And the bass was really good, again.

Wow, that piano is so good at 61.

89 was just amazing. The progression was so beautiful, and all the insruments soundd great. Good guitar solo too.

Piano at 111 is oh so good..... that whole section is just great.

Wow, this was pretty much flawless. That was like the worst crit ever lol, I just told you how good everything was. But I seriously couldn't find anyting wrong with it. 10/10 from me I freakin loved it You're now one of my favorite composers on here. I want to write something like this now.

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Amazing, chord progressions, piano, violin, distortion guitar everything!
The riff that starts at 45 was simply well brought out. everything just sounded smooth and amazing, although it gets kinda repetitive.

Bar 93, blew my mind out. and the slow piano part that comes after it, top noch!

I on the other hand found that the bells went along just fine, doesn't really add much, but it really sounds nice.

and the ending was just sweet. Nice song you composed.
I really don't see anything bad I could say, simply great!
10/10 !

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Thanks for the crit a few days back.

Anyway. I really loved the intro. I loved the bass line, the piano was superb. The melody at 21 was great as well.

Bars 25-44 totally lost my interest. The tremolo just felt uninspired to me, and it dragged on far too long. To be fair however, that can probably be written off as my own personal taste, I've never cared for tremolo picking unless it's got a huge degree of creativity to it. This wasn't creative, the notes changed on the bar on the beat.

Bar 45 fully redeems to the song in my eyes. I love the riff, and in this case the tremolo stuff does a great job backing the riff.

Love the bass line that starts at 54, as well as all the instrumentation that followed.

The solo I found to be extremely well written, you always hit all the right notes, but at the same time somewhat lifeless.

On it's own, the outro was absolutely brilliant, I can't even describe how much I liked it. But as a part of the song it simply didn't work for me, it sounds like something completely different. To my ears the song ended in a very anti-climatic way with that solo.

Overall though it was really great. The acoustic was a nice touch and I thought it added a lot. You also did a really good job of making full use of each instrument, yet managed to use them in such a way where nothing really stepped on anything elses toes.
I tried to keep this quite short, but it didn't work out. Hope you don't mind wading through another wall of text.

It's certainly a good song, but I think there's just a little TOO much going on. Having acoustics and a piano sounds great on paper, but in practice they tend to get lost in the mix and end up just adding not very much...it's hard to make out what's actually being played by these instruments and, to be honest, I don't really want to hear it. I'm concentrating on the distorted guitars.
The intro works very well (I love the bells, and especially the violin parts), but the main section of the song after that is kind of boring to be honest. It didn't keep my attention very well, anyway.

The solo, however, was fantastic. I've never been very good at writing solos myself, and this one really impressed me. Good job there.

As icronic said, the outro doesn't really feel like part of the song. I think the only real problem with it is that it's too long, so it does feel like it should be a separate piece. A trimmed-down outro might work better.

I'm interested as to why you used a capo at the 4th fret for everything. It seemed to me that the distorted guitars didn't really need it (apart from the power chord + octave used in bar 28 on the rhythm track). Is it just a way of breaking out of E? It works quite nicely, though I thought it was strange.

This review has come off pretty negative (and quite long ), but that's not really how I meant it. I certainly enjoyed the song; there were just bits that I thought could have been better. I'll probably check out some of your other stuff at some point.

I'm not fussed about crit for crit, but uou can have a listen to one of my songs if you like. There are midis in my sig. PM me if you decide to crit one.
Basically, I agree with PinkIsCool, so I'm not going to take the time to tell you everything was amazing.. BUT, I will tell you my favourite parts, and things to improve .

The Melodic Interlude at 111 is my favourite part of the song. I also really like some of the bass lines you thought up, actually add some depth to the song, apposed to my ****ty bass composition lol.

Bad parts, NONE! Not for me anyway. Being a die hard fan of black metal and folk metal, I enjoyed this piece immensely. I definitely see a bit of an Ulver influence there ;D.

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Whoa, such cool song!

I like the guitar at the intro. Didn't liked the bass, somehow it didn't fit the song, but maybe that's just personal taste. The bells was really cool, it gave off a cool tone to the song.

I like the lead, and the tremolo part after was great.

Drums at 45 could use some work imo. It sounded a bit too chaotic, and it's kinda confusing.

53 was really nice. You released the tension at the perfect time.

Nice build up at 69, but I was expecting for something jaw-dropping tbh, with the tension that part built and whatnot, so it was quite a let-down. And the solo, other than entering too late, didn't serve as a great climax either. It was nice by itself, though.

Loving the violin at the calm section. Everything about that section was awesome . A fitting closing for a great song. But it felt a bit odd, as you had a strong falling action and resolution, but not a strong climax. Seems a bit awkward.

So, all in all, it was a really pleasant listen. A bit overwhelming at times, why with all those instruments and all, but I didn't mind it most of the times (this statement is mostly ironic, though. You'll see when you crit mine). Sometimes the song just felt disconnected to me, as in I lost interest in some parts because the sounds didn't gave any strong melodies or lead (i.e. they were a bit cluttered), but by the next part it'll grab my attention again. The climax wasn't too fulfilling, but the calm part redeemed it, imo, though a stronger climax would make this song perfect. Other times it felt a bit chaotic, but overall it was beautiful. Thanks for giving pleasant melodies to my ears .

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=885471
Thanks for all of the crits, there seems to be a pretty mixed opinion this lol. But that's a good thing, since this was after all an experiment.

Sorry for not returning crits yet, I've been pretty busy. I'll get on them as soon as I can!

I very much liked this song.

Everything seemed to flow so well, and as I usually find, it reminded me of Agalloch. Though, more of the post-rock edition of Agalloch. Even though you said this was an experiment, I don't find anything wrong about it and it sounded like you were doing it for awhile, as it is.

Excellent tremolo lines, very good piano bits, and good drum work. Really loved the acoustics.

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I usually criticise these songs in segments, but in this case, I don't think I will, seeing as if I did I would be here till the cows came home, and, moreover, it just wouldn't feel right. This song seems to be somewhat of a 'package,' in that each part relies upon and plays on all the others. That, I think is probably what you were aiming for, and it's what makes this song so good. All the instruments work in parallel with one another and through that, something beautiful is achieved. Some of the piano lines and bass lines stand out as exceptional.

My only two criticisms would be these - I think sometimes the acoustic guitar is slightly too brash once the distortion has begun - really it's just during the chord playing, and I suppose it could be very easily remedied.

Also I felt that the end part was a bit of an anticlimax, as some others have said. In itself this isn't a bad thing, but if I were to use this on an album, I think I'd probably keep it in the same place, but as a seperate track, kind of like an interlude, with a different name just to indicate that difference there is in terms of atmosphere and feeling between that and the rest of the song.

Regardless of these two little things, you've created a really great piece of music, and I enjoyed it very much, so thank you for that! If you feel like it, please crit mine, it's at the top of my signature, although I have to say I don't feel as good about it as I did before! Haha, well never mind! Once again, good song!
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From the start
bassline sounds very good from bar 9
bells do a good job at highlighting that chord progression. Very atmospheric with the piano aswell.
The lead wicked soaring above the everything else.
Bar 54 fit so perfectly, love the bells.
In 61-64 the piano was perfect, very eerie, loved it.
The outro that began at bar 111 was perfect. - Wow, 199-122, was beautiful. So was 123-126
The violin sounded great.
Overall i loved it man, and i expect more of the same. Epic.
Wow, that was really impressive dude. I must say, I wasn't expecting very much from someone composing stuff with guitar pro, but this song is pretty bad ass. It's very layered and complex, but I think you pulled it off nicely. It would be really hard to mix, but if you ever got around to getting this recorded, I would love to download it illegally haha. Keep up the good work.
Good, the intro it's a bit long
The piano part it's impossible, but it's amazing^^
Nothing to crit


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Since I'm not very experienced in song writing, I'll give you more of what I felt out of this song.

The Intro caught my ear immediately and it can definately can be described as epic. As can most of the song, but in particular the intro was extremely epic.

The long held chords beneath the solo are perfect. They really let you dwell on the feeling of each one and enhance the feeling of the solo.

The solo to me really fit the title of the song. It really gave me a feeling of one last stand, and kind of the acceptance of defeat. Cheezy maybe, but I definately thought the solo had a real and specific feeling to it.

Sorry I'm not that good at conveying what I mean here. But I tried. Overall I'd say your song was awesome, and in my opinion you couldn't have picked a better title for this song. What makes me respect some writers more than others is Passion and the ability to convey a feeling or thought through music, and you do it very well in this song.

Awesome Job. Really, one of the best I've heard on this site.