Just bought a RP-90 Guitar Effects processor. Of course, not the best, but is fitted with numerous effects and many types of amps.

For those who are using the RP-90 or those who knows a lot of about guitar effects, do you guys have any nice or recommended custom settings?

I'm looking for something along the lines of Far Beyond the Sun - Malmsteen, Technical Difficulties - Gilbert, or For the love of God - Vai.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Info about effects:

Pickup/Wah, Compressor, Amp/Distortion, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Chorus FX, Delay, Reverb, Expression
My suggestion would be to hook it up to your PC, download the program for it, and fiddle with it that way. The increased range of options (at least on the 250) is well worth the hassle.

And always pay particular attention to the amp and cabinet you chose to emulate. All the combinations sound different, and it really affects the tone quite a bit.

Also, you can use one setting for multiple styles if you set the expression pedal to control the gain on the amp (or distortion pedal emulation). You can set a specific range too, so all the way down (pedal position) could be 75% gain, and all the way up could be 15% gain (whatever). Just saying, use the pedal! My pedal broke, and I miss it.
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