I have a Vox AD60VTX, Deluxe Players Strat, Epi Les Paul Custom running through a Boss ME-50. The rig sounds good on low volume and is a perfectly fine rig. But when i turn ur the wattage on the back of the amp to 30 watts or 60 watts some of the notes get super crackly and almost sound static. Its mostly on frets 7-10 on the low e string but does on other random spots on the neck. Its not my guitar becuase it does it on both guitars. I got this amp used for 400 bucks, which is a good deal, i like this amp alot, i just need to know whats up with it because it gets in the way of cranking the tubes of gigs and such.

do i need to replace the speaker or something? and if i do where do i take it?
probably speakers are a bit worn out.
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"tubes"? AFAIK, the Valvetronix series only have one tube, a 12AX7 - but this doesn't make it a tube amp or a hybrid amp. Still pretty much a solid state, albeit a good one.

Don't turn it up all the way, then. You shouldn't be cranking it all the way.

so its the speaker?

ay suggestions on what i should replace it with?
well it does it when its not cranked too. i put it on 60 watts not even half way and it crackled just the same.
its a ad60vtx like i said in the first post.

i dont know how old it is, i got it used and vox has a useless dating system.

and it sounds like the signal is breaking up, not in a good way. like it sounds like static on the radio.
dude everywhere i looked its like 700 new. and its not a bad sounding amp. it does what i need. and i have some really good tones dialed in there. this is the only thing i dont like about this amp. its crackling even when not cranked, just low enough to still cut through at practice. i'm reading that alot of people had this problem too and have fixed it by changing the speaker.
No, it WAS 700 brand new. Now they go for under 300 on eBay.

If you think it's the speaker, go for it. I don't know enough about the amp to make a recommendation.
It's a 12" speaker, the stock one is a Vox Neodog. Find out what impedance the speaker inside is, and make sure the new one is the exact same ohms rating. Make sure the new one is also rated for 60 watts or above.
Maybe check out an Eminence Governor.
i got it at guitar center for 350, 400 with tax and stuff. its a 8 ohm, i like eminance alot. im thinking either texas heat or patriot RWB