Am I the only one who can't and doesent know how to read the tabs in Guitar World Magazine?
Yes sir you are.

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post one from a pic or suthin for those of us who havn't come across them
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I even haven't read the magazine so I have good news for you - no!
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Lawl...... They're tabs... How hard are they to read?
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It's just like internet tabs except they include the rhythm. I find guitar world tabs to be preferable.
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i can but i dont like reading tabs from books and stuff, or reading books at all, hell i only look at the pictures when i get um, i might read i thing if is intresting tho

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Ah, that brings back some memories...I remember when I couldn't read tabs, and it pissed me off. You just have to ask musicians what "so-and-so" means. Like, "What do these X's mean?" Read online. You can learn from anywhere, basically!

Pity parties aren't gonna help you understand them faster.

On the other hand, I wish I could read music like I used to be able to.
post those tabs and then we'll see if we can or not...not everyone reads that magazine.
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