Well, started working on this yesterday. Unfinished but I'm kind of in a block..
lead guitar and acoustics are simple, nothing too fancy but it sounds good (in my opinion) I'm probably going to keep the intro, but I'm unsure if I should keep the part where it goes slow and the other riff that comes after it...

I'd like to have some pointers though, anything to improve it's current state to where I can go with it. C4C

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Not a bad start.

Em G D is a pretty common chord progression though. The lead is nice, but you went a little crazy on the vibrato, I think it would sound better if you limited the vibrato to certain key notes.

Don't care for the tempo change, I don't think you should get rid of the part, just keep the tempo where it was for the beginning of the song. Instead you could just have the two rhythm guitars playing different parts, have one doing the current part, and maybe have the other doing octaves, harmonies, or some kind of inversion.

Adding drums and bass at some point would really help too

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Thanks. I was planning too add drums and bass, but I just wanted to get some feedback on it for now. I admit, I did go crazy with the vibrato will be fixed next time I post it up.
You have a nice start so far. Like you said, nothing fancy. I actually don't really see anything wrong with it. I thought the key change was well placed, and could serve as a good basis for a verse or such. Although I will agree with the vibrato part, it is a bit much.

Keep it going.
Thanks for coments
I worked on it some more and got this.
now I have a problem, I'm trying to et a riff in but I'm having trouble with the notes. if anyone would like to help, just pm me and I'll send a recording of me playing the part.

asside from that, it's still pretty much at the same state but I added a few more instruments. I'm not sure if the choir fits in right, or adds much for that matter..

anyways, c4c