I have a practice amp but it does not have any effects. I was wondering if I can hook up my guitar to my amp to garageband on my computer? Like this Guitar>Amp>Garageband>Headphones If I hookup directly I get a weak signal, I was told I needed a preamp if I want it to sound good, can my amp act like a preamp?
if your guitar amp has some kind of headphone output
hook that up to the line in on your computer and make that the primary recording source (the mic port may also work, though you have to keep the gain really low)
yes it does have a headphone out. Since the amp I got is not the best one out there I do not want to spend money on effect pedals, since I already got them on garageband. By the way what about hooking it up the other way around can I hear the guitar with the garageband effects through the amp's speaker? Since I live in a dorm in silence I will practice the most, then when nobodys is around turn up the amp's speaker with garageband effects