So, here's yet another amp thread, just for you guys!!

Which one would be better suited for modern metal? I know I will probably need a boost or whatever, but I have heard that the V50 is darker and muddier. My style is along the lines of Lamb Of God, Metallica, Opeth, Devildriver, Strapping Young Lad. I am a palm mute nut so I would love something that accentuates(?) it. I realize that either of these may not get the job done fully, but for the price they are, and the fact they are fully tubed outweighs it. If need be I can run a pedal through it or something, but for 250-300$ you just can't go wrong. So which would siut me more?

Thanks a bunch for any info you guys got for me.
What forsaknrael said. It's really not voiced to be a metal amp. The Randall is, a B-52, used 5150, or other amp, Peavey Ultra maybe? But buy used and get more for your money, that's really the way to go.
Any other suggestions?

I realize it may not be the best amp for metal, but from the clips I saw it does look like it does hard rock rather well, and better with a boost infront.

I was also looking at the Peavy Vypyr, but unfortunately I don't think we got them in Canada yet.

The Crate is good because I can get it now, but through financing I can get something a little more expensive as saving up is not something I can do right now, with bills and prior commitments, so that is why it is either the Crate now, or financing through a Canadian msuic store.
Not a metal amp. Never going to be really, but the V50 can deliver a decent/usable metal tone. And it's 200 bucks right now. Tube amp for 200 bucks=win in my book.

You can save and get a better amp, though. If you were to do that, you could get a ton of different amps for under a grand.