Seriously, my laptop speakers sound like pure garbage....when I use them whatever I'm listening to squeaks, pops and generally sounds like pure crap.

The laptop is pretty new and I generally don't have music on loud or anything.

Any ideas Pit?
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Laptop speakers are, 100% of the time, crap.

Get a good 5.1 system or a nice pair of "over-the-ear" headphones.
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Laptop speakers are generally awful!
It's just a fact of life.

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Just get some other speakers?
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they will always sound like crap, but if its to a point its making noises thats not from the music, you should get that fixed. its not very fun carrying speakers with your supposedly portable laptop isnt it?
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Maybe your sat on it?

I dunno.

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laptop speakers

heres ur problem, very very few laptops have decent built in speakers, id say just get a set of speakers u put into the jack like logitechs or sumthin
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Just generally crappy speakers
I have built in laptop speakers too
Absolutely no bass and max volume is ridiculously low.
Bring it somewhere and get them replaced
Laptop speakers (by default) are not known to be very good.
Laptop speakers are underengineered because they expect you to either be at home or office, or be in public. so there shouldn't be any reason for you to use them.

Where do you use them?

Any standalone speakers will be a vast improvement. you don't need 5.1 surround or even 3.1
It could be your sound card, although it's doubtful.
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