My low E string keeps making a buzzing sound on the first fret. It does it on others too but not so hard, but anything that needs the low E played on the first fret just sounds horrible. I tried raising the bridge to a point where it's just ridiculous to play but it makes absolutely no difference. No matter what I do the string always touches the second fret.


First try a lighter gauge string.

I assume you have an electric, since you mentioned adjusting the bridge? You can raise the saddle to its maximum height, but that will make the higher frets uncomfortable to play.

If you have a light gauge string and are still getting some buzz then it sounds like you'll need to replace the nut (i.e. the groove for the low-E string is too deep). If you detect some buzz on the first fret of the other strings this is probably the issue.

I would start with some light gauge strings though.
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Yes it's al electric. The original strings on the guitar were .09 but I changed them to .10. I can't remember whether the .09 strings also made the buzzing noise though.

The other strings don't buzz. I switched to the .10 strings because the high e string broke too easily on the .09s
It might be either the gauge, or the fret bar that wasn't correctly placed. Might be your truss rod aswell. Take it to a tech and ask them.
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Your best bet will be to take it to a guitar tech as suggested above. He'll know exactly what the problem is right off the bat.

I seriously doubt it requires a truss rod adjustment, since you are experiencing the buzz on the low frets, and truss rod adjustments are usually necessary because the string tension has caused the neck to concave (the headstock pulls in closer to the bridge) which would result in a higher action all around, not a lower action which is part of your problem.

But the tech will be able to tell you with greater authority than I can.
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