i play rock/metal and need a combo amp which will be used in my bedroom and for gigging later on,

its gotta be new

the kinda stuff i play is metallica, lamb of god, black stone cherry, foo fighters(occasionally)

my budget is around £500 ($1000) maybe a lil more if it was worth it

thanks a lot
Most people would probably disagree with this...but check out the Crate Flexwave 120 Combo. It actually blows away most of the Marshall Combos out now according to this dude I know at a guitar shop that sells both Marshall and Crate. Also, from what I played of all the Marshalls, Line 6s, etc. it was good enough to beat. Definitely find one and try it out first though just in case its not what you would want.
Quote by forsaknazrael
Forget how much they cost over there, but a Randall RG50TC would be worth a look.

It fits in his budget And I second this motion. The Randall is truly a fantastic amp for the price, and suits your styles perfectly.