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ok so im a die hard metal fan and the only probably is that i dont look like one at all. When people figure out i listen to metal they say i thought you would listen to the Jonas Brothers or some sh!t. Girls often call me cute which is great but no good for the metal scene. Instead of a pic i will describe my features. First off average/long dark blonde hair. Its kidna long but looks more like the beatles than metal. And is a mix of blonde and brown. Eyes - blue. also doesnt help. I cant grow much facial hair and when i do its just patches and looks scruffy, so i don grow it. Also im quite pale its just from the rest of my family and not much i can do. Also im skinny 5'10 only 130 pounds. I wear regular blue jeans all the time and usually band shirts of metal bands so at least people know what bands i listen to. Other than that i dont wear alot of metal stuff. So any advide how i could become more "metallized"? Tattoos, piercing, dye ? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.

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P.S: You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome

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PS. To Conor:
You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.
Paint yourself in a nice silver or gun metal grey, and your done.
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Good to see you're not being shallow about it.

I suggest you dress in clothing made out of metal.
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Why do you need to look metal?

This. who cares what peopel think of you. music isnt about that.
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just carry around a large battleaxe. its what i do.

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My advice?

Be the music, not the scene.

Who cares if you LOOK like you're metal or not. Either way, you are.
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wanna look metal eh?

these guys doin it fairly well

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That is the douchebaggiest thing I've heard all month.

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You don't like metal very much if you're worried about how metal you like, and/or if you don't know how to look metal.
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Good to see you're not being shallow about it.

I suggest you dress in clothing made out of metal.

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You are a redeeming feature for the UG Swedish population.

Haha gotta love the pit.

I'm gonna help a man out. I listen to heavy music but somehow, according to my friends, I manage to come across as a back packer from overseas or something whenever I go out. Lol. I dunno how that works, so go figure.

Anyway, best that I can think of for you is buy some jeans in darker shades and grow your hair a bit longer. Don't wash it either, but run a brush through it maybe once a week. Get yourself looking a bit scruffier.

That's all I can think of that will help, without making you look like a scene kid or some ****, because when you start trying to hard you start failing. Just be yourself.
You don't wanna look metal. People who look metal generally look like pricks.
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Um. Who cares what you look like? Just wear what you want.

yea i agree if you know youre metal then who cares what other people think.
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Wow TS, this is a seriously great, original idea.

Anyway, I'm off, for some reason I have the strongest urge to listen to The Ramones.
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hahah im 5'11 130lbs blond blue eyes. i wear tight jeans and small shirts only because its what i feel comfortable in. you dont wear it to LOOK like something. cause then you will start to over do it and look like a tool. wear what you want.
Metal has nothing do with a look, it's been bastardized so much it doesn't matter. If you're a diehard metal fan you wouldn't give a **** about how you looked haha

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You don't wanna look metal. People who look metal generally look like pricks.

No, people who look metal ACT like pricks and look gross.
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We will. Along with all the hawt jailbait who get suckered in by it.
black band shirts
long hair

and your good.
You're obviously not metal then if you're trying to stereotype yourself. You sir, have just failed.

Eat your face if you want to be metal so bad. Then dress like a pirate. Then eat the pirate.
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