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17 35%
32 65%
Voters: 49.
So, UGers... Do you use your pinky when fingerpicking? Why do you use it, and why you don't? I do... Took me some time getting used to it, but it gets more comfortable as I use it.... I don't know if the pinky is used universally, but I've seen in some guitar books when they say which letter stands for a certain finger, the pinky is ignored, and that got me thinking.... Is it universally not used? So, any thoughts?????
I've heard the little finger is used a lot more frequently in flamenco.
Personally I will use it on the high e if my fingers areotherwise occupied and where it is more convenient than moving my ring finger.
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Well, I use it on To Bid You Farewell's intro you know.... And it's like, ring finger on low e, the other three fingers on 5th, 4th and 3rd strings, and the pinky on the 2nd string... And I frequently use it for both the high E and 2nd strings you know.... Like it's more important than my other fingers... Pinky=2 strings... weird eh??
no I don't.
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i use the pinky to support my hand against the body, i dont really ever need it to actually pick

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Yes. Your pinky is your best friend.
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Sometimes. Not often, though. I use it to mute more often, with slide guitar.
Depends on the song, of course.
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not needed and it feels awkward, so I don't really bother. I go ok without it there's no immediate need to change my style.