Hey guys, I'm relatively new here, and I just thought I'd put up a link to my first uploaded song. It's in my user profile and I'd like to get some visitors.

I played all the instruments, and it was all recorded in my living room with a very simple setup. It's called Late Night because I ended up recording the drums at about 11:30 at night.

Tell me what you think!
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Really Awesome song, i gave it 5 stars on your profile, its a very catchy tune and very good for a first one, i especially liked the bass line, perfect timing throughout the whole of the song and a cool sound effect at about 0:19
overall a really good song



Could crit this and tell me what you think either on the forum or on my profile page

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Nice track! It was tough to keep up at first but once the drums kicked in I got into it. The guitar part is great, you're a great drummer too. The bass seems a little out of sync or something at some parts, dunno though maybe the guitar just needs to be turned up in the mix a bit. Anyway, cool song, you should add some vocals in for sure.

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