Alright GG&A, got a question for you.

So my Dad's friend recently started playing guitar, and he bought the Zoom 505 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal. He then gave it to me to give some help with it, but I don't really understand this thing at all.

I'm trying to programme different tones into each patch, but it's all a bit weird. (Sorry if I don't explain this too well) What's up with it is that I edit Bank A, Patch 1 to a clean sound. Then all the patches in the whole pedal turn to a clean sound. Then I edit Bank A, Patch 2 to a lightly distorted sound, but then all the patches in the whole pedal turn lightly distorted. So yeah I'm kinda confused.

I have the instruction booklet which...doesn't explain much

Any help? Thanks.

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I used to have the same model until I bought a better one, but as far as I remember the booklet made it understandable. I can't remember how to operate it now, but either your pedal has some weird problem, or you should just try to follow the manual step by step.
I use a 505, but it doesn't seem to give me that problem, I haven't really messed with editing it a whole lot though. Maybe it just has some sort of glitch? Like I said though, I haven't edited stuff a whole lot though.