I'm just wondering if any of you know what channels in the U.S. carry the English Premiership? I want to try and keep up with it this season, but I have no idea if I can even watch it over here. Any help is appreciated
I expect that Match Of The Day will be on the BBC website's on demand service. I dunno where you'd get full live games though.
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Try www.footytube.com it will have highlights at the very least. doesnt always have all the games, but in terms of the big games its pretty reliable to see highlights.
yeah dude i have the same problem. if not fox sports online or sometimes the spanish sports channels (if you have em) but yeah ummmm i think maybe espn2 will post the scores every now an then.
According to Wikipedia;

"In the United States coverage is shared between Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports North America."

I don't know if that's for the new season or last season though.
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