my dad's friend makes guitars, right? and he had this one that was one of the first ones that he made, but he didn't sell it. It hadn't been played in about 3 years so he brought it over and told my dad to let me play it. It was an arched top and soooo gorgeous. he had just put new strings on it. The guitar sounded really steely though, and I was wondering if that was because of the new strings or the arched top. btw, he's working on making a guitar for me and just put the frets in a few weeks ago. I'm excited to see it
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It's probably in large part due to the new strings put on, but it depends on what you mean by "steely". (All steel strings sound steely! If they don't that's a problem!)

When I said steely, I mean it's kinda hard to explain what I mean......it just sounded different