ok I know there's already a begineer solo thread, but I need some in depth help. I've learned these solos:
led zeppelin:
whole lotta love
celebration day
you shook me
back in black (I'm currently working on that fast run in the second solo; it's not up to speed yet)
both dead solos (I know you don't like mcr, but don't flame me 'kay? my opinion is my own )
I'm in the middle of working on another brick in the wall and good times bad times by led zeppelin.
I have found nearly all of these solos fairly easy. Not easy enough that I'm like 'ok NEXT', but easy enough that I'm not getting frustrated and I learn them pretty quickly. (all except for the second back in black solo for aforementioned reasons and the good times bad times for the same reason)
I'm looking for solos that you think wouldn't be too easy or too hard for me at this point. I'm also hoping to maybe learn a little tapping or tremolo picking. The problem with the begineer solo section is I'm really past all of that teen spirit stuff, so it's a little hard to look through. Please help me out? sorry for long post
EDIT: I also wanna learn to sweep eventually, but I'm not into shred stuff. I'd just like to be able to sweep just in case . I don't think I'm ready for though, but Idk, my bff rose
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Learn the solo's in Sultans of Swing, they are great

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Highway to Hell maybe? Probs a bit easy tho. How about Wicked World by Black Sabbath?
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umm another brick isnt zeppelin, its floyd

I know but I figured since that was a well-known song, I wouldn't have to put who it was by. When I mention good times bad times I get more ' wait, what?'
Mmm you can try these:

Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes / Mordred'S Song
Edguy - All The Clowns / Lavatory Love Machine
Skid Row - 18 And Life / I Remember You
Well since you like Led Zeppelin you could try out the Achilles last stand solo. There is only 2 quick parts but its a rather long solo. The only thing is you need to know the timing of the song.

Other solos: Xanadu by Rush (short, sweet only 1 quick part)
Iron Man by Black Sabbath (kinda quick but kinda cliche IMO)
Learn Live Wire and School Days by AC/DC, or Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin. Simple solos, with lots of useful licks in them.
And give Eruption by Van Halen a listen. Every man and his dog can play that these days, but it has some cool, and fairly simple tremolo picking licks, and a big ass tapping section.

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