I've been told a virgin
is the new version of the
and hapless.
I tell them lovers
are just novels;
Its bliss until you miss
the stories punchline

I am fulfilled
without the frail,
and their trail of

I awoke naked
and glanced around,
just a peek.
My eye was keen
and crude for the time...
... But now I'm well-versed
in both shirts and skirts,
I think its time to move on.

I am fulfilled
without the frail.
Still insecure,
at least I am cured.

I have no pity for witty fools
who lean on the ****,
the cluck and the chick.
They crack the shell
before its time to hatch;
softened and tasty,
on a pillow.

These are actual real lyrics I have just wrote for my bands new song. Its quite rare that I enjoy posting a bona fide track and not just poems or random lyrics penned down for the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction of it, and also the progress of it - no harmonies in mind - so, for this, try and be gentle as I do hope to use it.

Digitally Clean
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Nice alliteration. Cute rhymes. Interesting phrasing and lovely wording.

Just... I dunno, it's a bit hollow in a way. A song that leaves you a bit dumbfounded in regards to what it's all about. Maybe I just didn't connect to it much. It was cute though.

I don't have much to say other than that. If you want to send another piece my way, you're welcome to.
This is not a pipe
Its on of those songs that if you look too deeply into it, you'll never find out what its about. Its really about being a virgin, basically. There are other side points you may of noted or may of not, but in the end of the day, it just concerns virgins.
Thanks very much Carmel, I really apprectiate it.