hi this may seem stupid but i was just wondering where the thumb on my fretting hand should go.
parallel with the neck, on top of the neck, etc.
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It should move as you play. There's not really any specific place to put it, as it comes down to what is most confortable to you and what produces the best sound. Don't worry to much about it. You'll get it down in time.
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I don't think there's a real "proper" way to place your thumb but it should be on the back of the neck, and to where it feels comfortable and you can play easily.
It also depends a lot on how big your hands are. If you've got huge hands, its perfectly fine if you stick your thumb over the neck. Personally I do this cuz I'm lazy and like to mute the E string when playing chords like A and stuff. But, if your hands are a bit small for your neck, don't do this as you can mute some strings. But really as people have said, its about what feels comfortable.
Also remember its easier to do bends with your thumb wrapped around.
it moves around for me, it moves a little in all directions as i play. there are times where its almost perpendicular, while other times its slanted
I find that my thumb changes depending on what chord/string im playing. Also how far up the neck i am. Just do whatever feels comfortable.
i find the best position is parrellel or almost parrellel with your middle finger. but sometimes it comes up around the neck when i do things like bends or pinch harmonics
it's what is comfortable to you.
but with barre chords you may have to change position so you put down as much pressure as you can with your finger.