So, this is my first attempt at some tr00 melodic death metal. I don't listen to a great deal of it, and I'm not expecting it to be anything spectacular, but I would really appreciate any constructive critisicms, and then I could work on it using those crits as I have with my other songs. I think it's quite 'atmospheric', but it intensifies and climaxes at the solo, the way a good song should.

Also, huzzah for being out of the FOTB! Hip hip...

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I think it would sound better if bar 2-10 and 108-115 were played faster.I loved the chorus and the acoustic/clean verse

For a first attempt I think you did a great song

Keep it up
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Melodic Death Metal, I've always thought that was contradictory.

Random musings aside, now on to the song.

Love that low A, makes it sound huge. It's cool riff that you open with too. I do think you could have harmonized it better though. The harmony part would sound better if you didn't chug on the A along with the main guitar though. You could do a couple thing's here. You could try harmonizing the entire riff, or you could just harmonize the melody of the riff and hold the notes that come during the shots on the low A.

Or, you could have the riff, a harmonized version of the riff, and then bring the lead guitar in and have it just play the melody. It could either play an octave or two higher than the main riff, or it could further harmonize giving you a three part harmony. I think it'd be cool

Next part is great. You made fantastic use of all three guitars.

The acoustic part is decent, but it kind of lacks character. Maybe some slide ins a quick 16th triplet here or there, a doublestop at the top of an arpeggio or whatever. Nothing so much as it will drastically change the feel of the part, but just enough to make it sound a little more alive.

The second guitar part that you bring in half way is very nice, it too feels like it's missing something though. Just a slight bit of flare or something. Maybe I'm nitpicking though, it's still a great part either way.

Verse 2 is very cool. The little harmonic sounds off, but otherwise it's great. Bringing back that acoustic part was a great idea, and having the strings do it made it even better.

The 4/4 part of the bridge is yet another great riff, however I really didn't like when you switch up to the straight 16th note shots. It felt like you ran out of ideas and took the easy way out.

I loved the solo, it sounded more blues/rock than Death Metal, but I'm thankful for it. It actually felt like it was going somewhere and doing something interesting. The rhythm you were playing it over worked well enough, but I still think something better could have taken it's place.

The outro was nice, but I would have liked it better were it a fair bit shorter.

Overall great.

Last thing, the mixing needs some work. I don't know if it's intended to be listened to in RSE or not, but it sounds pretty bad with it on. It sounds great with it off, however there are a lot of volume issues. One of the acoustics seemed really loud, one was really quiet, the bass seemed kinda quiet throughout as well. I had to play with the settings a bit to actually hear everything properly.

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Aww, you could've gone farther and made a much more interesting harmony with the intro riff.

I was hoping for that, to be honest. Now, the little lead-like bit before the first verse was cool, but the keys ruined it for me, to be honest. The verse was awesome. I loved that, and the chorus was good of course up until the keys. I dunno, I just have an issue with midi keys or something .

Verse 2 was very cool. 116 was very much needed to keep the song interesting. Nice riff. The solo was very cool, I liked it. The riff under, not so much.

Ended without being overlong or annoying.

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