is there any way to get the whammy bar on a floyd rose to stay in a position instead of just dropping down?
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tighten it more?

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mine has a screw around it that i can just tighten and it will stay in place....
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it doesnt twist in as it isnt a screw in. btw its a edge 3 floyd rose and there isnt a way to tighten it.
Ibanez RG350DX
Line 6 Spider III
Cubase SX3
Mine isn't a screw in either, neither of them, and I just twist them til there tight and they don't move.

EDIT- An edge 3 isn't a floyd, it's an Edge 3.
FYI. its still a floyd rose.

btw whats your trem system? cuz there is no way to get mine to stick in a position.
Ibanez RG350DX
Line 6 Spider III
Cubase SX3
On Ibanez I know there is a nut inside the bridge to tighten, but on most Floyd Roses I think you just tighten them more.
It's an Edge III?
There's your answer.

It's an Edge III, of course it won't do anything good you want it to.
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