right ive recently got guitar pro but no sound is coming out. my speakers are up and ive looked at the audio settings and i suppose it looks oki. ive downloaded some guitar pro songs and they play along but no sound is coming out! ill tell u my audio settings. when i click the sample button, i get no sound too.

as follows..

Midi Outputs port 1 device Microsoft GS Wave Synth Instrument Patch General Midi Latency 60ms

Midi Input none senstivity 100ms no channel detection box is ticked

RSE Settings Output
Audio - directsound buffers length 1024
Sound Card - Primary sound driver - number of buffers 4

frequency 44100 stereo 24-bit linear interpolation 64

Thanks, sorry if this thread is in the wrong topic
sorry i figured it out, right after i submitted this. i went onto my control panels then on sound and the sw synth was on mute, typical! sorry for wasting ur time. my apologies.
that happened to me once.

i was confused. then i solved my problem and i wasn't confused anymore.

penis. he he he
That happens to me all the time GP seems to have a built in virus that mutes the synthesizer