I just ran across a video on youtube for a new kind of pedal, its kind of like a channel switching pedal but you can have it keep switching back and forth automatically between 2 effect loops, kind of like a tremolo but not really. You can also make it switch by playing your guitar hard, then it switches back when you play soft again.

Company is called molten voltage. Has anyone heard about it/tried it? The pedal is called Toggle.

It seems pretty different. I still need to check out the websight.

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Hey guys, I think he's talking about something similar to the Boss DynaDrive... that one that distorts itself based on how hard you play.

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it looks like its way different than the dynadrive. it switches channels when you play harder and also switches back and forth by a tap tempo control
I emailed the company and they told me it just came out the other day and that it is "a new category of effects" and they claim there is nothing else like it and they have a patent filed. I don't know, but I haven't seen anything that works the same. Has anyone else? Are they just blowing smoke?
well i havent heard anything about it, but since its a new line of effect i doubt i would. it seems like it works. they have videos of it being used and stuff. i still dont see the practicality of using it in a song.
I don't know when I would ever use that in a "musical" setting. It's one of those pedals that's fun to mess around with in your basement. But if you're Tom Morello...
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It's a dynamic effects loop. Toadworks make one called the Enveloope but it doesn't have the tap tempo function.