Is it really that hard? I've been playing now for about a year and 8 months and I've been working on it basically all summer but i'm still having trouble with it... I'm getting closer but when i try to play it at regular speed i tend to tighten up (esp my picking hand) and it sounds really sloppy & crappy... I'm also still having trouble navigating my fingers around quick enough, esp on the high part... Part of it has to do with going up the 17th fret on the top 2 strings because there's not much room up there on those high frets and i don't always get a clean sound... Anyone else having trouble with this solo? It's kind of frustrating b/c it's just this one little part that's really hard... The rest of the song isn't too bad...
Work on it slowly. I got it working well when I was only a year into playing. If you practice it enough you can slowly speed up and get to normal speed.
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