Well... after eyeing to buy a fender strat, i went to a local shop today.

3 of them stood out

1) Lite Ash MIK Strat - $630

2) MIM 50's Custom Shop Vintage pickups $800 (Glossed neck)

3) MIA Highway 1 Normal Pups - $750

Which one would you go for?
Well, i went for the first, Lite Ash... I first eliminated the MIA since it simply didnt sound as good... then it came down to the MIM and the MIK... The MIM was a bit better, feeling and sounding (only slighttttly)... but the MIK sounded a little more versatle with the pups... it could get almost a tele sound too... and it was a lot cheaper

Came down with
The Lite Ash
15w Fender Frontman
Gig bag
A set of ernie ball strings
15 ft cable
a few fender picks

all for 680... so 50 bucks for everything else other than the guitar

680 + tax 50 = 730
is taht a starter set???!?! WOW yea, that sounds like a great deal. very smart move paying the extra money for a guitar. granted, you went with the least expensive guitar out of the three, but you picked a guitar that is well above starter level. heck, down the road, all you need is an amp!! sounds like you did great to me!
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I'd probably go for a better amp to begin with really....

My thoughts exactly.

It doesn't matter which guitar you get, they will all sound like crap through the frontman.
its not a starter set -.- i have a schecter c1 classic overseas... but its too much trouble to carry it back and forth in a 10 ton metal case to protect it from the dangerous baggage kids...

i used the cube 30 while trying them out... wanted to try the microcube but the store was sold out on it... they threw in the amp into the deal for almost nothing... so i said sure... cleans were decent, OD was !@#$, but w/e... for now

ill be using the amp in the dorm this year so i dont need anything too fancy... ill prob upgrade it next year... the owner gave me a great deal so i didnt want to argue much.... and the other amp choice was a peavy solo... which was crappier than the frontman when i tried it
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