Okay so, I'm leaving for college in 3 days. Ive been playing guitar for a while now and i really wanted to build a 5+ song acoustic set list for when i get up there.

These would be songs that i could play when everyone's sitting around and they go, "Play a song!"

I'm just having a tough time picking out 5 good songs.

Id love to hear some feedback. I'm not worried about difficulty either, so bring em on.

Green Day Good Riddance
Oasis Wonderwall
Damien Rice Cannonball
Eric Clapton Tears in Heaven
One Republic Stop and Stare

All are in standard tuning which is a plus, but with definitely need a capo.
1. No Such Thing
2. Wonderwall
3. Dirty Pop by N'sync, just because everyone can sing along.
If you want something thats fun, and that people will recognize, try some Dave Matthews. Maybe Jimi Thing or Satellite.

Or you could go with Jack Johnson, and obviously acoustic Led Zep.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
High and dry - radiohead
wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Good riddance - green day
Unintended - Muse
Bedroom acoustics - Muse (It's a b-side, but it's awesome, imo)
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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Paranoid Android by Radiohead

good god this song is difficult to learn..
or maybe i just have a short attention span...

but, to be on topic, i second this one and recommend Karma Police as well.
All great choices, Simon & Garfunkel are always fun for group sing-a-longs
Me & Julia down by the schoolyard
The Boxer
i would say:
jack johnson (+ben harper) - flake
ben harper - burn one down
sublime - rivers of babylon
dave matthews - crash into me (for girlys)
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