I was looking on ebay and I kept finding different white gibson explorers with different fretboards. Now the 08 Explorers have ebony fretboards on their white models and thats what I really want, but on ebay I see some white ones that people say have rosewood fretboards. From the pictures I see they fretboards look dark and to me look like ebony fretboards. Do ebony fretboards come standard on the white explorer or just on certain years? I am looking at these if it helps:


First, i'd like to say "White x-plorer with ebony fretboard = SEXY!!"

and secondly, i really think that that's just dark lighting, because a rosewood fretboard is not going to be as dark as an ebony... it's gonna be, like, dark brown. But if that's what you want, go for it. But if you want a black fretboard, get ebony. Even though it looks pretty dark in that, you can still kind of tell in the pics that because of the darker lighting, it's just really dark brown.

From your description and the ebay pages, I would say these are probably rosewood fretboards. Different years could very well have different wood in the necks, and looking at ebay, these are 2006 guitars. The one you are looking at is 2008, so you would probably have to buy one new or wait for people to start selling them used. Sorry mate!
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They wont be restocked at musiciansfriend.com till the 20th or 21st then I can order one, but I need to make sure its the 2008 model with the ebony fretboard and not one with a rosewood fretboard.
Ok from what I've been reading and seeing all classic white models of the gibson explorer have ebony fretboards and ive even asked the sellers on ebay so I dont think year matters.