All The Bands I'm hearing about playing a show at the
Democratic National Convention?
Anti-Gov bands like Rage and Nofx.

Someone just help me understand.
Surely its not actually at the same place right?

Is it just a show on the same date meant to insult democracy?

Just curious, and looking to the pit for answers.
They're playing fairly close to the convention center, but not actually at the convention.

basically, they're stickin' it to the man.
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It is.

They're trying to get of you Che Guevara loving, communist hippy bastards in the one place.

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i highly doubt that a group of communist musicians will play at a democratic convention. Either way, i love RATM.
Whoooaa where is this going on?
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I thought it was at a republican convention? Wasn't it supposed to be some sort of protest or something too?
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they are playing at both conventions

not in them, at them

it's a free gig, i think they are p*ssed of at the one party (two sect) state which so many people keep calling a democracy