our band just had our drummer drop out because he was lazy and self centerd. we
need a drummer as of 14-17 who has been playing drums hard for 3+ years and has a great amount of experience. were looking for a hard rock drummer that owns a doubble kick bass pedal or bass peices. our band has a decent rhythm guitarist who also plays as a great singer. a starting bassist that actually knows what he is doing and me as the lead guitarist who alread has experience for 3 years.

were going to be playing a small hand full of cover songs that require a good amount of experience in all feilds. were trying to head for a hard rock or heavyer tone and we will be experimenting with most aspects of rock music including blues, classic hard rock, metal, heavy metal, metalcore, progressive, alternative, etc. now those were just genres of songs that we own up for covers and we want to try to the style of our members (including myself) using the shapes of music.

we are a starting band and we would need as much help as possible.

if you have any questions then msg me using my contact info found in my signature.
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