Hey guys, I need your help. My cousin is getting back into playing guitar and well he like metal (and country) anyway I know he in a while will wnat a electric guitar, and I know he's going to want to play metal on it, and I owe him for two wedding bands (Don't ask what a 17 year old is doing with a titanium and tongstun wedding bands. Anyway, I was thinking for him, he I would like to do it a strat (Or I may end up doing this for myself and he can borrow it) But a Strat with a pick gaurd for two humbuckers. so I can wire up some emg 81's and 86's. and instead of the blade style 5 way selector, but use a Les Paul style switch. and just leaving the three holes, one for volume, one for tone and the third one will be for a after burner. Now with you guys knowing this, can someone show me a wiring diagram for what I want to do. Cause if it looks like a tone of work XD well he can live without it. I got a idea for the guitar, white with black hardware, and a see thru pick gaurd. So yeah, I just want to know hoe I would wire that. Thansk a million guys. Peace \m/
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