i have been playing trombone for almost 5 years now and ive always wanted to play sax. i also play guitar, bass, drums and piano. I started playing sax a few weeks back when i borrowed one from my friend. I finished the beginer book the first day and i have been progressng farely well. Today i found out that my band director who is a brass (tuba mainly) player told the tuba player that had started tenor sax to stop cuz it will mess up his lips. Is this true because i am starting to get scared that i have to give up sax so i dont have to give up trombone.
I think you're fine as long as you

(a) don't overplay/blow out your lips
(b) keep in mind that a tuba and a saxophone both require entirely different embouchures.
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In the long run, playing sax alot will ruin your trombone playing.
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Screws up your embouchre. Playing an instrument with a completely different embouchre long enough can mess up your technique on the first instrument. French horn is especially bad, I've heard it ruins your lips for most any other wind instrument.