For sale: 2007 Black Schecter Hellraiser.

Made in South Korea
24 frets
Mahogany body
Tone Pros Bridge (Stays in tune much better than my gibson)
Active EMG's 80 (Bridge) and 85 (Neck)

No scratches or dings, in excellent condition.

If anyone is interested, I can take pictures. I just don't want to waste time doing that if there is no reason to.

500$ but defenitely willing to talk the price over.
Also, this is the lightest guitar i have ever played with the exception of maybe a parker.

The neck is very thin and fast, with low action.
I am located in New England (Vermont) If i sell for 500$ then it will include most of the shipping depending on the actual price it costs to ship.

If you are interested in actually buying then i can get pictures up within 20 minutes.
Update: I am willing to except trades, if you have a more expensive guitar i would be willing to throw in some money also.

I am also looking for a new amp so if you have a head or closed back combo let me know.