I like your songwriting. It's very listenable.
I think it would help if you could find something that would make your music unique...you know, make it sound different in some way.

Vocals need some work though.

what are your musical influences?



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I like the song. Good melody and guitar part. Quality is not the greatest, but its not too bad. Vocals could use some work, but they dont ruin the song. Not that I'm one to talk, cuz i cant sing.

crit mine?

it was a good song, your voice needs work though, it reminded me a lot of cartman from southpark
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I think it would help if you could find something that would make your music unique...you know, make it sound different in some way.

^this.. but i liked it, its a good progression and all, its very enjoyable and you're good at songwriting, your just missing something like a hook or something a little catchy to keep attention. Maybe its because of the vocal quality though. What are you using to record all this? rerecording with a better rig could potentially make it a whole lot better. Good work though


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A cheap way to improve the quality is to buy a headset mic for your computer. Get a decent one for like $25/30. It's not going to be stellar but should be much clearer than using a video cam. Then just use some recording software, I use wavepad at the moment. You can get a freeware version from Cnet downloads.
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Hey, I liked this song. Nice, powerful, strumming. It was pretty consistent all the way through too. You've also got a good voice for the style your singing, with some training you could go a long way. I like the break in the middle as a breather, and the palm muting. For this sort of song, since its really up beat and all, I'd suggest adding drums/bass/other parts if you could later on. Good work though.

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Thanks Aitrus, I actually already have a headset like that I just never thought to use it for recording,.I'll try that out later on today!
Platodium, I have to go do some things but as soon as I get back I will return the crit. Promise
I do like the songwriting here especially, very clever lyric "They should have named a hurricane after you... Hurricane Crystal"

There are some timing issues in the song, and the vocals could use some work. Using a camera to record the audio isn't that great of a setup, but you explained that too us already... I think with some more practice with the guitar/vocal timing, this could be a really cool track (and with better recording quality). Way to go

Crit 4 crit?

Great song.

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