So theres been many famous guitar players who have gone to music college( Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Al Di Meola, John Mayer, Paul Gilbert, and many others) and I've always wondered something: Out of all of these guitar players who went to a musi college, did any of them get scholarships to attend these schools?If so, which ones? Whenever I see thei biographies, it says something like " X attended Y school of music"or "Z studied at X school" but I've never heard of scholarships.

Thanks in advanced
W got a scholarship to A school in T town
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Getting a scholarship for guitar is ridiculously hard. Getting accepted in the first place is really competitive, and then the scholarship money usually goes to really amazing players and some people who play an uncommon but vital instrument (bassoon, oboe, etc.). That said, it's possible that some of them did get music scholarships, given their amazing talent.
Quote by KennySG
W got a scholarship to A school in T town

W also got one to I university in N city
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