ok so im going to buy a new guitar my third one. my budget is $200-270.i found a dean z-x and a epiphone les paul 100.
which should I buy, or is there something better?
Schecters are always better
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more info. style of music and tone preference please XD
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Save monies.
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i like deans. deans are sexy. i have an ML it was $300 thats not too high over your budget
Defenitley consider schecters, they are great for metal and you get a better guitar for the price (compared to epiphone, fender, dean, etc.)

Hell yes.
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Save up your money, you'll just trash the 200$ one when you can afford a better one.
Get a good amp first.
so I search ESP LTD or is that short 4 something?
I think i have an ok amp, its a vox ad15vt
if it's your third guitar i wouldn't spend anywhere in the range of 200-300. keep saving and get something of better quality.
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dude save your money...
theres no point of having 3 ****ty guitars....
Save $500-$600 and post another thread...
If you dont mind buying a used guitar i have seen ibanez rg series guitars for bout 200 bucks and there good quality guitars.
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dude save your money...
theres no point of having 3 ****ty guitars....
Save $500-$600 and post another thread...

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Why would you want three ****ty guitars? $200 is a very very beginners guitar, you shouldn't have 3 of those. You should have 1 of those as your starter guitar and your second should be $500+
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ok I see your point, but my guitar is really bad.

its a epiphone junior I think its the cheapest epiphone I got it 4 $100, n its a little beat up.

And my other guitar is a dean micheal schenker model it came in a pack with an amp,picks,guitar,strap etc. for about $300, but my cousin dropped it and its fallen a few other times so it only works sometimes