So, I'm going to be taking advantage of the deal at guitar center and I'm going to pick up a new bass this weekend. (The deal states that with a preferred player card, you can buy anything over $499 and not pay anything for 12 months). I'm thinking about a Fretless Fender Mim and then buying some flatwounds to make the purchase over $499. I'm also think about possibly a five string bass or the Schecter Diamond fretless for $370 and then I can buy a bass wah pedal to go with it!!! Anyone have any experience with the Fender mim fretless or the schecter diamond fretless? What is your opinion on five string basses?
i think u should go with the schecter, and i have never seen a schecter fretless! if u have a chance to get that, i say jump on it! lol and thats a great price for a schecter overall. get a wah crybaby, and ur all set up. lol
Yeah, I'll definetly think about it. When I go to guitar center this weekend, I'm gonna try as many basses as I can to make sure I'm happy with what I'll be getting!