Well I'm looking for a good movie. I'm kinda in the mood for something like Saw. I don't mean super gorefests, I mean like the first Saw, where story and suspense surpassed everything. I don't mind gore though, I liked all the other ones and it doesn't make me sick or anything. Anything that will make you have to think to get it. With an ending that's unpredictable. Also, film series are welcome too. It'll keep me from making another thread like this the next time I get bored.
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your a sick young lady tbh
Hostel is fucked up, I hear.
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saw II
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If your looking for gorefests though look into a little band called Cannibal Corpse

they'll have you cumming blood
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american psycho.

it'll definitely make you think, so check it out.

*****SPOILER for kid that should go watch it don't look**********
I've watched that movie countless times and as sad as it is, i still get annoyed that the ending is so unclear, you know? I'm always pissed and confused on whether he really killed anybody, orr just some people, or what the hell his deal is, he's just pretty straight forward ****ed up until the end. then hes all sorts of strange ****ed up.
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Its a sweet movie.

I might do that, I saw Cube: Zero, the prequel. It was pretty cool. But I heard that the first two weren't shot outside the cube at all, which where the shots I thought completely made the film. I'll also take a look into American Psycho. But I've heard Hostel is pretty much just gorefest, am I hearing wrong?
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u got me

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your a sick young lady tbh
Untraceable will suit your needs perfectly, I think.
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Fight Club, possibly.

+1. Although I don't know whether the ts is looking for more of a horror movie. Although I barely ever watch that kind of movie, I like the Shining.
+1 for American Psycho
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hostel is what you're looking for.

AWESOME, awesome movie!
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Untraceable will suit your needs perfectly, I think.

Truth, I liked that movie. Only difference is that I found the Saw movies more creepy, which is an important factor to consider in my opinion.
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Well, I looked through and am gonna go with Untraceable. It seems like what I'm looking for. Problem with picking these kinda movies is you don't know if it's good till the end, so I really go look that up to make my decision, oh well. If this thread is anywhere near the first page when I'm done I'll tell you how it went.
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u got me

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your a sick young lady tbh
^really, if you liked Saw i suggest Se7en. it has some sick and twisted ways of killing people. and it also has the whole "killing people because they deserved to die because of how they lived their lives" kind of thing.