Has anyone else noticed tiny or miniscule flaws in the finish of most guitars? I went to my local shop the other day and noticed that most of the Jackson's there has tiny flaws in the finish, even the RR5 they have there, and a bunch of Ibanez's too. Then when I got home, I noticed that my new RR5FR has a few too. Just wondering if this is normal for most guitars since I see it all over the place.
What sort of flaws? Scratches? Dodgy paintjob?
It's hard for QC to get each and every finish perfect on mass produced models.
Just tiny flaws like small specks of paint where they should be and stuff like that, mostly with the paintjob, yes.
Of course man, I bought a jackson rr5 in Sam Ash in LA and there were chipped bits of the finish on the longer wing, its just a fact of life. If you are feeling cheap and uncreative like I am, cover up the flaws with some nail polish! My friend has an rr3 and the lower wing was wrecked after 3 years of being hit off things and he covered It up with nail polish and now it looks as good as new! I know what you are thinking, never trust what someone you don't know tells you, but I'm Irish and not so dumb so like, try it!
Nail polish is surprisingly good stuff. You can even use it on cars I've been told.
I'm not saying I want to repair any flaws or anything, I'm only asking if people find that most guitars they own or play came with some type of small flaw(s) in the finish when they purchased it.
I actually haven't found any "flaws" on my squier...... however that doesnt mean the whole thing it general doesn't suck.
Well guitars with sharp points like the jackson RRs and such break and chip easily because of the weak spot. My guess is they choose the most flawed guitars for floor models (or they're flawed because they are floor models) and your RR5's flaws are just normal playing wear. My les paul is unfinished so not only do i get to see the wood grain, there's no worries with paint flaws/chipping
Yeah, it looks like the flaws in my RR5 were finished like that, with the laquer(sp) over top of them. Like Slackboy said, it is hard for QC to make sure every instrument is perfect in that department.