Hello UG. I've been poking around the UG forums and internet for about 2 hours now in search of a good, reasonably priced loop station to purchase. I'm looking for a loop station that will allow me to create long single recordings and a large quantity of recordings. I'm at the price range of up to, about, $350. I've read reviews on guitarcenter.com and musiciansfriend to no avail.

So far the Boss RC-20XL Loop Station and the Digitech JamMan Looper pedals are the two that stand out to me because I've seen mention of them so much and they fit best into my price range.

I'm asking if anybody with experience with either, or both of these pedals could give me their opinion(s) on either or both of these pedals. Which is better in terms of recording time? Ease of use?

Thank you.
You know I've been looking for one also, and If you can spend the money people have told me that the Jamman is the way to go. You can load tracks from your computer on it and it holds much more than either RC-2 or RC-20.
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I have a RC-20 but as soon as I get more money I am buying a jam man. The RC-20 is good but I would rather get some more storage.
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If you want to record things and such, then the Jamman is better. But if you only want to put up some chord progressions and solo over them, then the RC-2 would be enough (and cheaper).
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