That might be a stupid question but here it goes. Does anyone have any tricks/exercises or whatever to help memorise the fretboard? I've been learning theory recently, and I feel like knowing where notes are could help a lot, specially when it comes down to scales.

I know the chromatic scale, so I can take my guitar and tell you each fret one by one, but let's say you tell me to play a certain note, I'll have to look at my fretboard and think for a moment. Basicly all I know by heart right now are the open notes, I have to start from there to figure out the fretboard.

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you know those lil dots on the side of the fretboard? Try looking at those when you play
play a certain note on every position on every string and then goto another note so say you play e you play 6th string open 6th string 12 5th string 7 5th string 19 and so on with every note
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Download and play Fretboard Warrior. It's a free little game you play that helps memorize all the notes of the guitar.