Summers almost over. i didnt get a new guitar for b-day so i want to do something to my squier strat. i wanna kinda etch out a design on it and then paint it like white ( guitar is black). i think itl look cool. how is the best way to etch out the design?

I dont wanna sand the whole thing and repaint. is there a way i can do this? like burn little ridges in it? or something like that. thanks in advance!
I mean, there is ways. But generally I wouldn't recommend making permanent changes to the wood.
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umm i think you can do it by taping an area then cutting in your etch through the tape and paint that area, but the paint will be a different height and just be very different in texture from the rest of the wood. To do it properly you would have to sand back the clear coats then mask/cut your design then paint and clear coat again.
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