say i already bought a set of pickups and i wanted to take them down to sam ash to replace them for me. about how much would they charge to do that?
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30 to 40 bucks

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20-25 per pickup
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I think at guitar center they charged me like $25-$30 per pickup plus like $20 bucks cause I have a Floyd which makes it more of a bitch.
do it your self i just replaced mine ,just double check everthing before you do it maybe take a photo before so you can see how it was in the event you do something wrong
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I got mine done for about 60 dollars for two pickups, wasnt at a Sam Ash but itll be close in price. I have an Edge Pro too so if you have a trem, it shouldnt be more than 60 for the two. Cheaper if you have a fixed bridge i assume