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I fudging loved it!
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It's not their best
1 25%
Black Stone who?/Haven't heard it
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Voters: 4.
I really enjoyed their first album (self titled) but this album is kind of a let down for me. I expected something heavier, I've heard 6 tracks almost all of them are a ballad about love or a girl "Reverend Wrinkle" is the heavist song I've heard on this album thus far even though it kinda bails out halfway through.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate good music but, to go from songs like "Lonely Train" "Rain wizard" "Backwoods Gold" etc to "Things my father said" has a somewhat sellout feeling.

A couple of ballad-esqe songs is fine as BSC can do this well however, nearly an albums worth of these songs and the band (in my eyes) has lost the "momentum" of their first album.

On first expectations, this album leaves me feeling slightly cheated as a Black Stone Cherry fan.

Has anyone else heard the new album? Opinions?
I think your wrong, you need to listen to the whole album. I listened to a couple of songs on NME and I felt the same way as you did, but I went to pick up a copy of the album when the album came out and there are actually only a couple of ballads on it, "Things my father said", "You" and I guess "Peace is free" is kinda a ballad too. But you need to listen to "Blind man", "Devils queen", "Soulcreek" and pretty much the rest of the album. It matches their old album. Hoesntly, its not dissapointing. And theres nothing wrong with some ballads on an album anyway, they even say that "You" is for their girl fans which I guess is fair enough. I think it matches their old album definately, just give it a chance, its what I did and it really grew on me. I love this album and really think you should buy it, its worth every penny. Its good to find a new rock band that still plays the good stuff. They havent lost their roots from like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sabbath, The Allman brothers band, AC/DC ect.
BSC rule.
I have bought it and have now heard all of the tracks and my opinion still hasn't changed. I completely agree with your point about they certainly haven't lost their roots.

My only concern is that their songs don't match the momentum of the self titled album in terms of heaviness and drive. I've given it a chance and I like it, but I don't think it's gone in the right direction than it could of.

I did make the point that BSC can pull off ballads very well but theres not enough equal balance (between there softer side and say there more harder rockish side) is what leaves me slightly disgruntled.

I like the album don't get me wrong. I'm just left feeling unhappy with the lack of heaviness in comparison to their self titled.
Well, at least you tried it, I mean I do agree with you at some level I guess, it could have been better but I do really like the album as it is. Maybe their next album might go back like their first album, which wouldn't be a bad thing since their first album in my opinion is a little bit better. But Its been out for 2 years and I guess its just nice to hear some new Black stone cherry material. I think because there were no ballads at all on the first album, that its just completely diferent to hear some nice slow tempo songs by them, since Folklore and superstition actually does have ballads. But pretty much every band ends up doing ballads at some point in their career, apart for really heavy bands. But I do see your point and agree with it, but its just a matter of opinion I guess.
They're still one hell of an awesome band. I still hope to go see them in December when they're "Rollin' On" with a UK tour.