What are some good George Harrison/Beatles songs, that he has some good solos in to play to get a good feel of his playing style, so far the only one I currently know is Day Tripper, and that solo is pretty easy, if anyone has any recommendations it would be helpful

the solo in I Feel Fine is pretty easy, but its good. and fun to play.

the solo in Something is amazing.
the solo in I want You (She so heavy) is good too. lots of their early pop songs also have nice solos.
His ability as a guitarist is SEVERELY underated I feel. I really love what he did, its super impressive, yet no one ever really talks about his skill.
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Let it be is a total classic, with a great solo.

And also for a different version of the solo(i prefer this one) search let it be on youtube, It should be the first video.
To see what he could do, check out Michelle. I think that is the definitive Harrison solo. Quaint, understated, completely in tune with and complimenting the song. Harrison has never been one to step out and just start ripping it up, his style is the definition of tasteful playing.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a good Harrison song, plus it has nice licks and a solo (by Clapton I believe?)
I never really rated George much as a guitarist - in comparison to writing a couple of really great songs, and being by far the coolest Beatle with the best haircut, his guitar playing wasn't really that good

I still love him though but for his personality, not his guitar playing

his solo on 'All You Need Is Love' is appalling
Almost everyone, even the greatest players and writers have a trick bag when it comes to composing that they do over and over. I don't know if anyone's really noticed some key aspects of both John Lennon and George Harrison's songs. If you listen to them I've found that John usually makes a change to the relative minor in his songs and George is heavily into diminished. When you listen to a Beatles song you can tell who wrote it usually simply by this. Both awesome talents and really cool how they 'sign' their songs.
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I always liked his fills on the outro to Come Together. (yeah I know, it's John's song, but it's George on the solos)

Like many of his other solos, its very understated but fits the song. Plus its a good study in basic bends.